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The Occupational Support Badge Company has gathered a proficient team of experts who have developed an intuitive and user-friendly program for the application of the Occupational Support Badge. We have professional specialists on standby to address any queries you might have.

Our team brings a wealth of experience in Electrical (LOTO), Nuclear, and Industrial Construction sectors. This program allows Badge Owners to connect with one of our seasoned experts for any questions or concerns, via email or in-person.

We're committed to providing an unparalleled level of service, assuring all Occupational Support Badge users have the guidance and assistance they require for successful operation and implementation.

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Whatever your industry, we're here to assist. Connect with us for comprehensive LOTO safety solutions.
Head Office: Ponca City, OK

Call Us: (706) 550-8908

  • WES CAUDILL (Industrial Expert)

    The owner and developer of the Occupational Support Badge Company with over twenty-eight years of experience in this field.

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  • RICK ORVIN (Nuclear)

    Twenty-four years of experience at multiple Nuclear Plants all around the United States. Current Field-Weld Engineer.

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  • Brian Keller (Manufacturing)

    Having accumulated over two decades of experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors as a Superintendent, Brian knows his stuff.

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