The Occupational Support Badge: an innovative tool reshaping the workplace safety landscape since 2022. Our badge has been designed to elevate safety, craftsmanship, and quality control, minimizing complacency and costly reworks, while enhancing adherence to LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out) procedures. It serves as a prompt for employees to pause, consider, and evaluate their tasks, ensuring compliance with operational and safety standards.

  • Food Processing Industry

    In a bustling food processing plant, employees work diligently to ensure the safe and efficient production of various food products. The Occupational Support Badge (OSB) is introduced to improve quality, procedure clarity, and employee safety. Employees wear the OSB, which serves as a multifunctional tool providing easily accessible information. With a simple scan, workers can access real-time data on product specifications, processing guidelines, and safety protocols. This instant access to information ensures consistency in quality, reduces errors, and streamlines operations. The OSB also acts as a constant reminder, displaying safety reminders and alerts, reducing the likelihood of complacency and preventing accidents.

  • Industrial Construction

    In the industrial construction sector, workers are involved in complex projects, often working at heights, with heavy machinery, and in hazardous environments. The implementation of the Occupational Support Badge revolutionizes the work environment. The badge incorporates modernization features such as augmented reality (AR) capabilities, allowing workers to overlay detailed 3D models of the construction project onto their surroundings. This improves procedure clarity by providing a visual guide, reducing errors, and enhancing overall quality. Furthermore, the OSB continuously monitors vital signs and environmental conditions, instantly alerting workers to potential safety hazards and promoting employee safety.

  • Naval Shipyards

    In a naval shipyard, the Occupational Support Badge is deployed to enhance the efficiency and safety of shipbuilding and maintenance operations. The badge integrates seamlessly with the shipyard's digital infrastructure, offering easy access to crucial information. Shipyard employees can quickly retrieve up-to-date blueprints, technical specifications, and safety protocols, eliminating delays and misunderstandings. The OSB also aids in modernizing the operation area by incorporating advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. These sensors monitor various aspects of the work environment, including temperature, air quality, and noise levels, ensuring optimal conditions and minimizing safety risks. The badge's constant reminders and alerts help combat complacency, reminding workers of critical procedures and safety precautions.

  • Military Installment

    Within a military installment, where precision and safety are paramount, the Occupational Support Badge plays a crucial role in maintaining operational efficiency. The badge provides military personnel with a comprehensive tool for accessing vital information. Soldiers can quickly access mission plans, intelligence briefings, and emergency procedures. This easily accessible information improves procedure clarity and ensures that operations are executed accurately and safely. Additionally, the OSB features advanced location tracking and communication capabilities, allowing real-time coordination among team members. The constant reminders on the badge serve as a powerful tool to combat complacency, reinforcing standard operating procedures and heightening situational awareness.

Overall, the introduction of the Occupational Support Badge revolutionizes these industries by promoting quality, procedure clarity, and employee safety. Easily accessible information, modernization of the operation area, and constant reminders help mitigate risks, reduce errors, and enhance overall productivity. This innovative solution ensures that workers are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to perform their duties effectively and safely.



Workplace errors, often a result of complacency or procedural missteps, can lead to unnecessary rework, potential injury, and significant costs. Common mistakes include using incorrect tools or materials, bypassing hold points, or even LOTO violations. The Occupational Support Badge is our response to these challenges, providing a comprehensive solution to improve safety and productivity.

More About The Badge

Features of the Occupational Support Badge

The badge supports up to 10 critical work tasks, which could range from personal protective equipment requirements, safety procedures, relevant documentation, specific qualifications, and much more. Once programmed, the badge provides employees with a clear checklist of their daily tasks, ensuring they are well-equipped and prepared for their roles.

Paired with each task is an LED light that shifts color based on the status of the task. When an employee is about to undertake a task, they select it on the badge and hold the button for two seconds. Upon understanding and readiness, the light switches from red to green, confirming task compliance. This feature acts as a constant reminder for the wearer to consider and evaluate each task thoroughly before proceeding.

Versatility of the Occupational Support Badge

From warehouse workers and electricians to hospital and administration personnel, the Occupational Support Badge is designed to cater to a multitude of industries and trades. Each badge can be programmed with up to 10 critical tasks tailored to the unique needs of the employee and their specific role.

The Occupational Support Badge not only improves safety, but also serves as an effective secondary defense tool for all employees. To better understand the badge's functionalities and benefits, please watch our detailed interview video below.

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